Porcupine Gorge Challenge and Mount Walker Fun Run

Held over the 21 & 22 June 2014, this sporting event celebrates two of the Hughenden region's unique natural attractions whilst testing speed and endurance

This 14th annual challenge is a gruelling fast-paced 8 km race of stamina and endurance, which takes place in the spectacular surrounds of Porcupine Gorge NP, 73km from Hughenden. Prize monies are given to the first four place getters in the Open Mens and Ladies sections, whilst Juniors are awarded with individual trophies and a prize pack. Held the next day is the 4th Mt Walker Fun Run. Approximately 4 kms for Open Mens and Womens and Under 16 Boys and Girls and Team Events. Approximately 2.4 km for Under 12 Boys and Girls starting lines at the base of Mount Walker. Competitors climb to the spectacular Mount Walker lookout, 10 km south of Hughenden on the Muttaburra road. Prize money and gift vouchers are awarded for winners from each section.

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